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Who We Are

The International Collage Center (ICC) is dedicated to the study and appreciation of Collage and its related forms, from Modernism to the digital age. Through our permanent lending and research collection and varied programming we promote community and scholarship within the field and consider the role of Collage within a larger cultural dialogue.

The ICC collection explores vital links between historical and contemporary practices, establishing a narrative of Collage as both an aesthetic and cultural model. We also maintain a comprehensive archive of reference materials. These resources are established through generous gifts from artists, estates, collectors and arts professionals.

In partnership with leading experts and other institutions, the ICC produces diverse public programs, exhibitions and publications. These initiatives highlight Collage’s rich history and its evolution in a technologically driven future.

ICC Collection Studio Focus

International Collage Center Studio Focus: Karen Shaw

We invite you to explore interviews and articles on artists included in the ICC Collection.

October: Karen Shaw
September: Adam King
July: Aaron Wexler
June: Selena Kimball

Events, Projects & Collaborations

News on upcoming events, including info on Constructive Conversation, a new ongoing series of panel discussions organized by the ICC in partnership with leading cultural institutions and our collaboration with Bucknell University.

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Cover of Remix catalogRemix: Selections from the International Collage Center opens in a new venue with an accompanying 96-page full-color catalogue

We are delighted to announce the publication of the hardcover catalogue Remix: Selections from the ICC, to accompany the national touring exhibition; featuring over a 120 color images with an introduction by Pavel Zoubok, ICC Founder and essays by Thomas Piché Jr, Director, Duam Museum of Contemporary Art and Richard Rinehart, Director, Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University.

The catalogue can be purchased from the ICC, price $24.95 + s&h Please contact rlawe@internationalcollage.org for further information on ordering the publication.

Daum Museum of Contemporary ArtExhibition tour continues at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art
Sedalia, Missouri

Septmeber 29–December 16, 2012
2 – 4p.m., Saturday September 29, 2012 panel discussion and public reception

We are pleased to announce the opening of "Remix" at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, on the campus of State Fair Community College, Sedalia, Missouri, September, 29 – December, 16, 2012. "Remix" presents the work of over 100 artists drawn from the ICC's permanent lending and research collection alongside further loans from prominent artists, the second edition of the tour includes additional artists, please see below for the complete list.

To celebrate the opening please join us for a panel discussion and reception, Saturday, September 29, 2012, at 2 – 4 p.m. The discussion in the college's Stauffacher Theater, entitled “Collage: A Remixed Consideration,” will feature Pavel Zoubok, founder and artistic director of the International Collage Center; exhibiting artists Lisa Hoke and Joel Carreiro; and Thomas Piché Jr., Director, Daum Museum. A reception will follow in the museum until 4 p.m. The panel discussion and reception are free and open to the public.

ICC national touring exhibition
“Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center”

Artist List

Michel Alexis, (b.1960)
Ralph Arnold, (1928–2006)
John Ashbery, (b.1927)
Nora Aslan, (b.1937)
Alice Attie, (b.1950)
Sarah G. Austin, (1935–1994)
Radcliffe Bailey, (b.1968)
Nancy Baker, (b.1951)
Hannelore Baron, (1926-1987)
Andreas Bauer, (b.1981)
Barton Lidicé Beneš, (1942–2012)
Lynda Benglis, (b.1941)
Andrew Benson, (b.1979)
Mieczyslaw Berman, (1903–1975)
Varujan Boghosian, (b.1926)
Andras Böröcz, (b.1956)
Joe Brainard, (1942–1994)
Milton W. Brown, (1911–1998)
Brad Brown, (b.1965)
Thomas Campbell, (b.1969)
Joel Carreiro, (b.1949)
Nick Cave, (b.1959)
Buster Cleveland, (1943–1998)
Felipe Jesus Consalvos, (c.1891–1960s)
Michael Cooper, (1949–2010)
Chris Corales, (b.1969)
Joseph Cornell, (1903–1972)
Robert Courtright, (b.1926)
Matthew Cusick, (b.1970)
Kate Davis, (b.1960)
Dominick Di Meo, (b.1927)
Josh Dorman, (b.1966)
Mary Beth Edelson, (b.1933)
Ron Ehrlich, (b.1954)
John Evans, (b.1932)
Tony Fitzpatrick, (b.1958)
Robert Forman, (b.1953)
Adam Fowler, (b.1979)
John Fraser, (b.1952)
Nobu Fukui, (b.1942)
James Garrett Faulkner, (1933–2010)
Vanessa German, (b.1976)
Ilse Getz, (1917–1972)
Andrew Ginzel, (b.1954)
Chambliss Giobbi, (b.1963)
Louis Goodman, (1905–1973)
Max Greis, (1981)
Al Hansen, (1927-1995)
Geoffrey Hendricks, (b.1931)
Addie Herder, (1920–2009)
Clinton Hill, (1922–2003)
Lisa Hoke, (b.1952)
Ashkan Honarvar, (b.1980)
Jess, (1923–2004)
Jerry Jofen, (1925–1993)
Ray Johnson, (1927–1995)
Don Joint, (b.1956)
Károly Keserü, (b.1962)
Ken Kewley, (b.1953)
Selena Kimball, (b.1973)
Adam King, (b. 1971)
Alison Knowles, (b.1933)
Jiří Kolář, (1914-2002)
Kühne/Klein, (b.1962 b.1956)
Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, (b.1948)
Ellen Lanyon, (b.1926)
Justin Lieberman, (b.1977)
Elaine Lustig-Cohen, (b.1927)
Janet Malcolm, (b.1934)
Charles Marsh, (1944-2000)
Ruth Marten, (b.1949)
Lloyd Martin, (b.1957)
D.E. May, (b.1952)
John McCluskey, (b.1952)
Richard Meier, (b.1934)
Rosa Menkman, (b.1983)
Salvatore Meo, (1914–2004 )
Melissa Meyer, (b.1949)
Dan Mills, (b.1956)
Takeshi Murata, (b.1974)
Mark Napier, (b.1961)
Mario Naves, (b.1961)
Robert Nickle, (1919–1980)
Larissa Nowicki, (b.1971)
John O'Reilly, (b.1930)
Michael Oatman, (b.1964)
Robert Ohnigian, (b.1947)
Stas Orlovski, (b.1969)
Judy Pfaff, (b.1946)
Javier Piñón, (b.1970)
David Poppie, (b.1969)
Mac Premo, (b.1973)
Antonio Puleo, (b.1976)
Hilla Rebay, (1890–1967)
Jakob Roepke, (b.1960)
Miriam Schapiro, (b.1923)
Raven Schlossberg, (b.1973)
Carolee Schneemann, (b.1939)
Holli Schorno, (b.1964)
Andreas Senser, (1942–1989)
Donna Sharrett, (b.1958)
Karen Shaw, (b.1942)
Ann Shostrom, (b.1952)
Fran Siegel, (b.1960)
Berty Skuber, (b.1941)
Gail Skudera, (b.1952)
Sally Smart, (b.1960)
Stella Snead, (1910–2006)
Al Souza, (b.1944)
John Sparagana, (b.1958)
Vivian Springford, (1914–2003)
William Steiger, (b.1962)
Oriane Stender, (b.1960)
John Stezaker, (b.1949)
Maritta Tapanainen, (b.1956)
Lane Twitchell, (b.1967)
Carlos Vega, (b.1963)
Mark Wagner, (b.1971)
Bradley Wester, (b.1955)
Aaron Wexler, (b.1974)
Jane Wilbraham, (b.1967)
May Wilson, (1905–1986)
Rhonda Zwillinger, (b.1950)

Press Release

“Remix” co-curated by Founder & Artistic Director Pavel Zoubok and Director Rachael Lawe features selections from the ICC’s permanent collection and loans from prominent artists and collectors.

The narrative of Collage is woven through the history of modern and contemporary art. It is an expansive and encyclopedic concept with its own unique lexicon of forms and values. The ICC Collection gathers together the diverse fragments of this rich artistic tradition to create vital links between historical and contemporary practices, to “remix” the narrative of Collage.

With a varied history that reaches back through centuries of artistic expression, it was within the twentieth century that Collage emerged as a major force through a range of artistic movements. The term developed from the French word coller meaning to glue or stick, with Picasso and Braque using the term papier collé to describe a revolutionary approach to art making. This is the narrowest definition of the term, which quickly expanded to include diverse practices such as Assemblage and Photomontage. Over time these terms came to signify much more than a simple art technique, but represented an approach, philosophy and perception of the modern world.

Collage’s lexicon was also inextricably bound to the concept of the Avant-garde, beginning with Cubism, Constructivism, Dada and Surrealism. Collage continued to be a core catalyst in later art movements including Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Fluxus. Modernity was characterized by a shift and reappraisal of the boundaries between life and art; Collage was a vital part of this process, it included a vast array of materials from the quotidian to the precious and subjects both universal and personal. Collage conveyed immediacy and intimacy both in its production and in the viewer’s response. Found images and objects, culled from daily life, were recast and reimagined in singular works of art. “Remix” reinvigorates this legacy by exerting the relevance of Collage as a philosophy to comprehend the layered experience that characterizes contemporary society.

“Remix” explores many of the dominant themes of Collage and mixed-media, including; the long-standing relationship between Collage and Poetry, the use of Collage as an extension of painting both in figuration and abstraction, Collage as a form of cultural, social and political resistance and Collage as an expression of the diaristic and archival impulse. Materials and process have always played a central role in Collage. Artists employ all manner of printed ephemera to explore a broad range of subjects such as mapping, commercial culture, appropriation and technology. Equally important is the question of scale, with many artists challenging the spatial and material boundaries of this traditionally intimate art form.

The visual culture of Collage is more relevant today than ever, asserting itself not only as a rich formal language, but also as a mode of perception. Fragmentation, fracture, sampling, appropriation, hybrids, and layering are all fundamental concepts that define the field of Collage. These terms have become a fundamental part of our collective consciousness, particularly in the ever-expanding realm of Cyberspace, which is rapidly asserting itself as the newest frontier in Collage. The vital links between the historical past and our technology-driven present are central to the ICC’s mission and to the spirit of this exhibition.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion organized by the ICC and the Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University in conjunction with "Remix:Selections from the ICC". Participants: Samek Art Gallery Director Richard Rinehart, ICC Founder and Artistic Director Pavel Zoubok and artists Alice Attie and Mark Wagner

Installation images of “Remix” at the Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University

Take a tour of the exhibition here

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